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Maistic® Plastic Free Cleaning Cloth x 8 pack (2 x Each Colour)

Maistic® Plastic Free Cleaning Cloth x 8 pack (2 x Each Colour)


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MAISTIC's Micro Plastic Free all purpose cleaning cloths from Denmark are biobased, made of plant-based viscose and contain no environmentally harmful chemicals.

I've been testing these out and they really do scrub up well! They come in 4 different colours so you can easily stick to one colour for different household cleaning tasks. (I used to use the rhyme blue for loo, pink for sink, so now I use red for sink instead!) 

I decided to bulk order these cloths in one big box rather than the pre-packaged options, giving you more freedom to buy the number of clothes you need and reduce waste. All the details for the cloths and their care can be seen below.



The material is 100% natural wood-based viscose. 

Soft and non scratch

Quality 110 grams / m. 

Size 32 × 38 cm 

The color is white with bio-print in 4 colors. All colors are AZO-free

4 different colours to choose from red, yellow, blue or green. 


Can be washed at 60°C and recommended to dry naturally

Biodegradeble and compostable at the end of life.